Note: Activities related to the Downtown Revitalization Plan are approved by the City of Palm Springs approval process and not reviewed by the Measure J Oversight Commission.

Downtown Redevelopment Highlights


This is the view inside the proposed Palomar hotel.


Take a look at the Palm Springs Downtown Revitalization Highlights for the old Fashion Show Plaza. Click here for the latest street views of the Palomar hotel. Also included in these highlights is information showing proposed color pallets, restaurant locations, retail spaces, the public plaza and pedestrian areas, courtyards and covered walkways. Street and aerial views are provided as well as the locations of the extended Andreas Road and the addition of New Main. Click here to view the PDF of highlights.

The Measure J – 1% Tax Increase

On November 8, 2011 Palm Springs voters approved Measure J, a local revenue measure to maintain local community services and economically revitalize our Downtown.

The Measure J ballot question was as follows: Shall an ordinance to provide funding that cannot be taken by the State and help preserve Palm Springs city services, including without limitation police, fire, library, parks, streets/pothole repair, acquisition and development of garages and parking facilities, installation and maintenance of improvements and facilities for the implementation of the Museum Market Plaza Specific Plan, by enacting a City of Palm Springs 1% sales and use tax, for 25 years, subject to independent annual audits, be adopted?

This site has been created to highlight progress and provide access to information on Palm Springs Measure J projects.